Cool Heart's

         Breeding Of Beardies


Puppys born 24 mars 2014

3 males and 3 bitches

Cool Hearts A Kind Of Magic HD A ED O ,C.I.B Se Uch, No Uch, FI Uch, Dk Uch,Bph m skott

Cool Hearts Are You Ready HD A ED,SE AG (hopp) CH AgHd 1&2 AGD 1&2 , Exellent, CK, Bph m skott

Cool Hearts All Against All HD B ED 0

Cool Hearts Aces High HD A HD 0, Exported to Canada

Cool Hearts Alexanders The Great HD B HD 0, Bph m skott

Cool Hearts All We Are




Glenspey Kiss Of Life (Elsa)              Goonie´s Highlander Lad (Hebbe)

Hd A      ( Blå )                                Hd A (Svart)   Mh testad  1:a ( Skottfast)

S Uch, Fi Uch N Uch, D Uch C.I.B        CIB, Fi Uch, Nord Uch, Nord V-10,



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